Monthly Archives: December 2015


shine so bright,
open up your heart
and write

your songs. They carry on
in spite
of rumbles, chatter,
hate and fright.

all the world
in cheer
with ringing tones
-crystal clear-

a clarion for all
to hear-

a star
a beacon


A silver weave of bangles
that you placed on your wrist

held a star, a snowflake
and proof of your fire-kissed

soul. I could only speak words
that lingered on my tongue

and could not see them
clasped to silver- hung-

and fighting the flames
of your restless heart.

Pressed upon my mind,
Such are the things that fuel and start

the creation of gemstones.


whereabouts, then do you see
your comfort, lazing –
hushed, set free.

Among the forest wood so tall?
you’d have to climb to view it “all”

And next to this an open glade
with grass and shrubs and little shade-
surrounded by a green brocade.

I’d seek the quietness in space
with wild oats, primrose, queen anne’s lace-

So lay with me in flower blooms
in this, an isolated room
away from plain, removed from fear

staring at the sky, austere
at its inception-

this poem for affection.