Eulogy in a Far Away Place

From so far away, your voice – though faint-
gave us canvas and light and dimensions.
We painted the universe with your eyes.
The perspective of an otherworldly
sea and sky. Horizons that you crossed,
plummeting into an eternity of single things
and ingredients of worlds.

And even though you were created
for grandness,
you were destined for sacrifice
just as the universe designs.

How a star flickers its light, then disappears
and the silence in the darkness
leaves us cold, longing for a reemergence
of belief.

How a wave ends its course
at crest, then breaks ashore
to ebb and rest for just moment
before falling away.

How the autumn gold rushes
into view, then descends –
leaving a matte of color and
texture that reminds us
of the beginning.

1 thought on “Eulogy in a Far Away Place

  1. PoetJanstie

    This has some great lines in it and has the kind of perspective I relish … beyond global to encompass the whole universe! That perspective is the best way to give same to our own lives, which seem insignificant in that sense, although very significant in another … are we, the human race, right here and now, at this moment in time, the only means by which the universe can understand itself; the only intelligence that has any chance even to begin to understand itself. We may never know. One thing for sure, we cannot deny the science any more. Heretic that I am!


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