Monthly Archives: June 2015


in the hollows
and meadows
you call me with the thrushing
of pine needles to inspire

to climb
and place my steps
on familiar ground
pulsating with desire.

bring me closer
to a shared ascent-
where your words, once nestled
in the horizon, peek out
among the clover and the briar.

and we hold each other in the glow
of sunset’s flushed attire.


calling amid the
intermittent drops
that fall and soak the ground
seeing entangled
clouds appear
with the morning light.
just as a backdrop
of weather,
but a welcoming
I see coming
into view
awaiting entrance,
her subtle hand
on glass.

soft shoulder

in a moment of thankfulness,
on the arcing turn
where it may be
unstable, and precarious to be
on such an edge-
one part cusp and adamant
yet agreeable
one part adrift, roaming
yet anchored
to each other-
in this moment of his gratitude
held while leaning
into her arching turn.

A sign I see every day driving to work that warns of the roadway perils became a poem.