Not Poetry

So, I read other blogs this week, and thought to myself…

self? you can diversify and develop your writing skills by sharing more than just your occasional poems.

Poetry is a great medium for me and I enjoy reading and writing it, but I’ve gone through long dry spells in the past, not wanting to share much of it. This is either due to my own insecurity or my self-awareness that what I’ve written is not that good. I’m not naive or egotistical to think that my free verse scribblings are “all that”….BUT…I want my writing to be enjoyed. I think every writer wants that.

I’ve tried poetry workshopping in the past, and still commit to trying it in the right situation. My experience with it is limited, and it hasn’t always been positive, but I think it is because I haven’t found the right situation.

…eh..but now I’m rambling…

SO, this new outgrowth of my blog is dedicated to things that are “not poetry.” Just writing about other things that interest me that don’t fit the poetry mold. It’s what blogging is about, right? I’m not aiming to be the next great (insert your favorite writer here), but I get a great sense of accomplishment putting together something on the page (or screen, as it were).

So, I still get to write for my enjoyment…

and hopefully yours.

Who are your people?
The sound of words
That time I went to London…

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