Monthly Archives: March 2016


If all wishes were granted
the world’d come unglued-
some mountains would topple,
most governments too.

Would granting fulfillment
kill thirst on the vine?
No fruit of the spirit.
No waiting in line.

The songs about lovesickness
would drop minor chords,
and poets would dally
with limericks and torts.

To grant all the wishes
might invoke riots
where folks with day-yearnings
might want for the night.

Humankind’s never happiest
and not satisfied
unless something to strive for
is there to divide.

Yet, curious the issue
that lingers about –
this striving and conquering
leaves others out.

Their wishes pummeled,
Yes – they have them too.
If their wishes die
then the world’d come unglued.


with little sense
of wont and desire, less
like the flowers
that arose in February’s earnestness
and more in the dim
apathy of March mornings –
poetry lurks.

It seeks neither the fervor
of moments beneath the lilac
tree, nor the sweet aftertaste
of blackberries from yesterday’s

It sneaks between the
goodwill trees, evergreen,
and brings back carcasses and twigs.

Scars, long ignored,
are indelible now. They will not be
mocked to insignificance,
but rather written down
after foraging the bleak and raw,
perfecting each and every flaw.


Not proven,

more-so in being,
taking its place within a theorem
of tact and diplomacy.

A region in space
that local weather might clear away
to see, but not believe-
though purpose is reason enough.

It can be filled with sun or cats –
Or emptied of lust and water.

In time, supposing-lovers meet.
There is something curved about the form,
with gentle perceptions
arc and whorled but not touching.
Gaps are infused with
first blush – in dawning fashion.
A silhouette slowly fills to capacity,
their conclusions unite
with no sound-

only an apparition
of what could be true
and the assumption of profession.



Likened to an oval space
where I’m pressing to the wall
and move ’round its circumference
with caution and recall.

I sense it as a darkened play
just beyond my reach,
and substance in the shadows
are thin and disbelieved.

Her touch, in words, assuages fear-
a hold to ban the ill,
the empty holes and voids,
the impressions- touches fill.

Grip me with affection’s tongue
fast with lake and sun,
embrace me with your tumult
that leads us – come undone.

Such is this, caress’ way
in aftermath beyond,
a soothing wisp, a kiss she shares
and looming dark is gone.