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Requiem for Enope

Watasenia scintillans
Darting in the deep cyan,
Sparkling as the firefly might
Commencing dusky summer nights.

You and all your kindred shine
Dancing in the deep’ning brine,
Flash and glint and find your way,
Interlace, caress and play.

Flicker to attract the one
Who kindles and ignites the sun.
Bathe in being at your prime
Until your light fades faint with time.

A life so short, a stature small
blush and glimmer for us all.


letterThere is
the sound she made,
the slightest breath,
imperceptible by most,
when opening an envelope,
caught slightly and paused with
the letter opener.
over the sound of cut paper
and the crispling of an unfolded letter
as it discloses itself.

watch her lips move
with the words, and hear the
moment she exhales
at her recitation’s end,
then returns the paper
to its folded heart.


I’ll set out to find a chair, one that plushly – sitting there-
holds the moments that we share in a room otherwise bare.

One where lounging legs are strewn over armrests- fabric-sewn-
a soft and tufted, royal throne, this chair I dream of…want to own.

A fitting place to read a book over chores we once forsook:
Laundry, cleaning, or to look for recipes you meant to cook.

Would you like to find this seat, where love could coo, thus replete
with passion’s coverlet so sweet – an unobtrusive place to meet?

A cozy, spacious sincere stand, neither is austere nor grand
a sanctum with no harsh demands for time and memories – some unplanned.

Such as that I wish to see- not a fancy couch/settee-
Simply placed, for you and me, a place to live and laugh and be.



Some day soon-
when we have nothing left
to say,
-while gulls hover and caw-
we might scavenge the shores
for bits of dropped sandwiches,
crumbs from families on holiday.

Looking away from broken branches
spooning just below the water line
of last season’s storms,
we might see the sun rise
over the copper and green tree tops.

Dancing in the unconquered sun,
we would unfold and float
out to meet one another
among the water lilies
-if the fates allowed.