In the shallows

Be respectful of other fishermen,
Do not raise your voice,

As it will frighten the fish away.

Do not cast your line in the shallows
As it will catch on roots and stumps
And snap.

No fish will be caught.

And so we whisper in the shallows
Barely heard above the crickets
And lapping tides
We never catch a thing
As the day passes
Except each other’s happiness
Time and time and time again.

1 thought on “In the shallows

  1. Sherry O'Keefe

    hey! good to see you doing this. don’t you think that when you see your poetry on a page like this, you gain a new perspective?

    btw, i have a fishing poem except mine includes a set of pliers. (you know…just in case a fish was actually caught..!)

    fishing is never about the fish and i like how this notion is threaded through your poem.

    i am going to add this blog to my blogroll at my blog ( so whenever you add a page, my blog roll will raise your blog to the top of the roll and then i’ll know to come read more of your work. keep on keepin’on! (ps if you would rather i not do this, let me know.)


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