In a break from the contra danse,
when the light is new,
at its beginning, just strewn
in times of ephemeral appearance.

And the poet steps aside
to examine the heart
amid blind stops and starts,
focused with pinpoint precision.

Look away from the morning’s
unrhythmical phrase
in the opposite sky, anticrepuscular rays,
remind one of beauty’s emergence.

And the face is of love,
the blocked sounds reappear,
in an eye-blink, a mere
reminder of the dance’s convention.

4 thoughts on “Respite

  1. Thomas Davis

    This poem reminds me so much of some of my son Kevin’s poetry. It is really well done. The two middle stanzas are especially powerful, reminding one of beauty’s emergence. Ending the poem the face of love and
    …a mere
    reminder of the dance’s convention.
    within our everyday lives is really good poetry. You can be proud of the poetry you are writing. You’re a good poet.

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