However improbable

This summer
you are growing tomatoes in a planter,
not knowing whether you’ve placed
it in the right spot. Last year
you tried planting in the flower bed
but there was too much shade and there
were never any tomatoes. The year before,
you planted too late, and it was a rainy cool summer,
and the plant did not thrive. So this year,
you’ve decided to try using a movable planter.
You can target the sunniest place and control
the amount of water you’ve given the
plant. If there is too little sun,
or if the weather turns out to be
poor, then you can move the planter
for a better day. It is imprinted
on your mind that after you’ve exhausted all
other possibilities, that which remains,
however improbable,
must be the solution^.

And you like fresh tomatoes.


^paraphrasing Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

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