Postcard, January 1778

To my dearest one at home,

My limbs are cold and
the wind has scolded,
bitter nights of snow and ice.

The men, they huddle
’round the coal scuttle,
hoping flames will scourge the night.

From wint’ry Valley Forge,
Your Loving Husband, George

My dearest General,

Answering the latest message that you wrote,
Please use your thickest woollen coat
I cannot send you coal or fuel for flame.
I write my heart to you to use as same.

Remember, I shall see you in the Spring
When snow has melted, and the robins sing.
Until then, keep your warmth in heart,
as proof of strength and hope to start.

With all my love and deep affection,
your loving Martha Washington.

8 thoughts on “Postcard, January 1778

  1. kbnelson

    How neat to get an insider’s view of this colonial couple! My favorite lines were: “I cannot send you coal or fuel for flame./I write my heart to you to use as same.”
    I think you got the rhythm of the language right, too. It had that 18th century lilt to it! Great job!


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