Monthly Archives: March 2014


I’ve progressed beyond that,
                                         and I pack my lunch
every day –
                                        along with a list
                                    of places
                                                     to go;
                  breaking out alone
in full stride
                     or steering within
                                                   currents, and when
                           the sun
                                                   has reached
                                                   the other side
                                                   of the horizon
I know I’m
half way there.

omens of happiness

they seem to portend
a link,
just as paper clips,
pulled from the cup;
one is removed
another follows,

a chain created.

Or with only one,
compressing a stack
of paper, each page
containing an old poem,
sandwiched between
alighting smiles,
and upside-down songs.

Today is the International Day of Happiness (declared by the UN)…

A link below from a blog, with various quotes about happiness.

‘A happy life consists not in the absence, but in the mastery of hardships.’ – Helen Keller

Have a frabjous day!

being, true

a marionette soldier,
painted apple red
and royal blue,
folded and put away,
piled in what construes
an uncomfortable position.
     His absent expression
     looks more about a wait
     on war,

all parts affected,

loosely strung

     than wishing for
     a gentle hand gesture
     for a moment played and spared
     his need for motion sated.

with threads connected –
though not his wont

   thinking that the songs
    and dances were his own,
    and all is right with God.

stretched, strained
and being,
true from time’s perspective.

into the wind

It was cold when
I heard her singing, but
it was only an interlude,
filled with the remnants
that had dropped in between
an arpeggio’d smile.
still -improvised- it was enough
to wrap me against the wishes
of the wind,
as I chased it over the hill,
and casted fate in a song
of my own,
written in summer’s tongue.