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I see them aloft-
your dreams,
high above your head-
something in pastels
shaded with deep red
and bold charcoal lines.

And the way
you look at these-
with widened eyes-
draws me into your bliss,

warm and nestled
sitting in the corners
of your smile.

omens of happiness

they seem to portend
a link,
just as paper clips,
pulled from the cup;
one is removed
another follows,

a chain created.

Or with only one,
compressing a stack
of paper, each page
containing an old poem,
sandwiched between
alighting smiles,
and upside-down songs.

Today is the International Day of Happiness (declared by the UN)…

A link below from a blog, with various quotes about happiness.


‘A happy life consists not in the absence, but in the mastery of hardships.’ – Helen Keller

Have a frabjous day!

reclaiming pebbles

Two winters ago, we built a snowman
and named him Edgar.
He stood four feet tall,
and leaned slightly forward,
with a stoop.
His stick arms were open wide,
as if pleading for something.

We dressed him in a scarf,
knitted with red and white yarn
and gave him brown eyes
and a crooked smile
lined with pebbles
from the garden.

He seemed to ask,
is this all there is?

One day he was gone.

From the sweat from his brow
he had spread his smile of pebbles
and I picked them up
one by one.