And here we go….

For a few months now, I’ve been been collecting and reviewing, editing and reviewing, fretting and stewing, anxiously awaiting reviewing. I’ve been putting together my first collection of poetry. It is a chapter book that is my first attempt at widespread publication, entitled Accidental Songs.

It was both exhilarating and frustrating. The selection process for poems in a collection lays bare all the insecurities that I had in writing them in the first place. I believe that some of them are great poems, some of them are not that great. Some had to be cut altogether, others were recut and reformed into something that fit the overall idea for the collection. But as the sum of the whole, I think they all contribute something to the collection, and that was what I wanted.

I want to thank Sarah Wesson and Sherry O’keefe for their time and valuable comments during the manuscript review.

And I want to thank my wife for being the incredible supportive spouse she is. Thanks babe.

Of course, I invite you to visit and have a look for yourself. I’m proud that I could accomplish this effort. If you should choose to purchase a copy, Thanks!

Accidental Songs
Accidental Songs

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