I am not feeling some in-vivo
loss of love.

I just don’t see how it comes,
to me.
Out of nothingness
-a sudden embrace of pleasure
swathed in joy-
being in your arms.

held in the dark
with warm superlatives
and I am afraid to open
my eyes

Or even in light
where moving sideways
affords discovery –
and yet things are unfazed by my presence.

sometimes, it wells up inside me
that I am lonely,
and the crest that falls
obliges me to ride a flux

to moments like this, when someone
reads what I have felt
and created to make it so.

This is an odd collection of thoughts that I wrote in my writing journal throughout this past week. I’ve assembled it as a poem on loneliness (I think). I’m not sure it is fully coherent as a poem yet, but it is something that I want to leave here for comment.

2 thoughts on “in-vitro

  1. Gospel Isosceles

    I think this poem perfectly portrays loneliness by the broken thoughts. For when we feel truly alone, it’s like having a one-sided conversation, with only ourselves. Well done.


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