Seeking the sun and feeling the sky,
the bumbledy centipede swerves and winds by –
Consoling caution with captive replies,
the yippee-ki cowboys sweer by their eyes.

Sing me a lumbolesh, blow on a conch –
fling to the puzzling cat on its haunch.
Open your eyes to the sunlit above
and swerve and console and just sweer,
well sort of.

4 thoughts on “Lumbolesh

  1. John S Post author

    Well.. bumbledy centipedes. But you liked the image that the language evoked, so thank you for sharing your thought. I appreciate the comment.

  2. cricketmuse

    I think you captured well how they move—not gracefully, but well, bumblely. That one word truly gave the poem personality and distinction.
    BtW: I didn’t detect a terse tone😉


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