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From 2015…..


They wander, and yonder they go in the dark
with glow sticks, beyond
them the moonlight, and barks
the taffeta, heavy-set makeup and screams-
the night of the beggar, of horrors and dreams.

The rustle of paper, the rattle of chains-
Billy and Molly fight over the brains.
The princess and pirate, too shy to speak up
the conjuring words while Dad just drinks up.

A drop in the bucket-a thump in the night
the blood of the ghoulish departed from sight.
The clown with the paste face, the witch all in black
the ogres and goblins all stomp and attack.

The flapping of ravens, the quiet of stares
at once-a-year play acting- acute and with scares.
Then beating the pavement and swarming the lawns
the tidal rush crushes, and then they are gone.
All manner of monsters and bold super-kids
Just listen for drumbeats, like Gene Krupa did.

Soundtrack prior to writing/reading this poem: Sing, Sing, Sing.


She normally works at night, she said, and closes up the store,
so she wondered why the song was loud out on the floor.

She counted charms with her right hand,
starting with the pearl bezel setting,
then ended with the angel’s wing and then

lithely wrapped the package in gold paper (the end a cleft)
a mirror bearing her reflection from the left.

Her lively figure evidenced, she smiled a coquettish smile,
demonstrable, even with her speaking
it was a pleasure to meet me (for that little while).


Sashaying, as a kite
looking down on the canopy
while flying over trees,
a swishing tail
tied from pieces of red cloth.

She choose scraps of paper
with idiosyncrasy,
just to annotate addresses.
Collected them in split wood baskets
stacked on table tops,
between the stained porcelain cups.
Leaving little room
for today’s thoughts to collect

Under a furrowed brow,
she bought the best color
the highest thread count
for the lowest price
red fluffy dress,

simply to go unnoticed.