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An unexpected drive

I saw the sun sparkle between the leaves

just before the outpouring of red and gold,

that moment of flux when everything is not new.

A bird flock undulated in our view.

A tarnished framework bridge sat to cross over

the creek, a connection between us and there:

A rusty reminder of the history of travels.

How many have driven this dirt road before?

Who else remarked upon the aging of the beams, has seen the streaming

brown water beneath.

The near-autumn sun advanced

upon the field.

An apple orchard in neglect to the left.

Weeds stood in contrast with the trees,

yet, apples continued to ripen and drop throughout the field,

leaving a sustaining memory.

The bird flock returned to a billow and thrum

and I drove on, following a ebbing sun.


With an undulation,
waving her hand on the wind
rushing past,

it is an enchantment.

Her fingers implore the unveiling world
in a rush of
trees and rocks and hills
and acres and acres of wheat,
traveling through time.

And in her mirror,
the horizon slips back
into a crouching
a dutiful servant
after submitting to her charms.