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And then

even as I watched,

the swing rocked gently
in an auric light.

the flowers leaned
toward the sun

you held close
your gathered words-
berries ripening in the basket

leaves, before falling,
turned from green
to yellow
or red.

the wind blew around,
whisking between the
clattering branches
before a whisper
of snowfall.

an ascendant path
obscured ahead,
reveals much
upon arrival.


Look at how
you make me wait
for you.

A poem about transitions and how things change on/in a moment. Something that is prominently in my thoughts these days. The “and then” moment. Sometimes grand in scope, sometimes merely just a moment. But the ‘and then’ always tilts the balance.

Thanks for reading.

Her moment

It is in the sounds
the leaves make when the breeze blows,
or in the solo song
of the catbird, after the wind dies.

There is a beginning, middle, and end-

to declare origin,
divine their pivot-

The end is always the absolute.

Recalling what came before-

She takes photographs-
framed with a delicate touch between
her thumb and forefinger
to record a point.

a reference to the during

where her moment breathes.