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shine so bright,
open up your heart
and write

your songs. They carry on
in spite
of rumbles, chatter,
hate and fright.

all the world
in cheer
with ringing tones
-crystal clear-

a clarion for all
to hear-

a star
a beacon


A red door
with plate glass casements ’round
enclosing a deepened vestibule-
and shadows on white walls are bound.

bold-faced clouds that billow
into thunderstorms on Sundays-
woodland sunflowers that line
shadowed waterfront lanes.

alone under
a darkened rift of stars –
in wonder of their stillness,
yet know not what they are

it is the wind that blows from the shore
out to sea.

it is the light that steals from obscurity

it is the embrace of an onliest thing

it is the sum of these
that sways me on a quiet string.