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There is a secret around the corner
that the roses will be red instead of pink;

the sunset and sunrise will both illuminate
the dark moments – far more eloquently than any word.

There are remnants of language,
The laughter of loved ones and strangers
are beauty in a spattered world –
and strung-together notes of the discordant are melodious when unfurled.

There is a depth in every eyeful gathered from a window
and a coolness in the soil grasped by each hand.

You feel the heat that summer’s afternoon conceives,
and I hear the whiskers of October’s morning in the leaves.

There are shadows that crawl in the day
and charming smiles that ornament a night.

And this is truth’s impassioned plea to our humanity,
and affirms the secrets we sometimes cannot see –
perhaps, life is our communal way to share
and maybe, each one of us is rare.

The events of this past week have weighed heavily on me – the loss of two very successful, highly creative individuals to suicide, and the realization that this type of hopelessness impacts far more people than we know/understand. There is such beauty and importance in life, and each one of every one of us has a rare gift to share with others. Remember this.
Wishing you all a wonderful week.

random noise

A feather on the side of the road,
I see, with its charcoal coloring,
glistening with grey.
Once useful,
in a water-proofing, streamlining way,
now laying shed, cast-off.

A feather on the side of the road,
almost a foot in length,
not doubt better for wings
making a goose move faster
between the meadow to the right
and the pond
on the left, but now
they stay mostly to the left
until their molting is done,
with the feather on the side of the road.

It could provide a nice quill pen
with its slender stem, but not many
write that way anymore, what with messy
iron-gall, using parchment and ink wells.
All slow to dry and
stains the fingers black, a darker color than
the feather on the side of the road.

Something once in black and white terms,
now a landscape item on the berm,
its function – purpose
now grey,
glistering charcoal

like this feather on the side of the road.