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Rain (rondelet)

The rain fell hard

upon a pile of dirt and clay.

The rain fell hard

and water flowed as if to say

we cannot choose to stay this way.

and spread amongst our lives today

the rain fell hard.

In puddles, brown –

reflections of the sky retold

in puddles, brown

these ruptured teardrops sparkle bold

wrenched from the clouds, water cajoled,

so unlike the desolate loll

in puddles, brown.

When flowers bloom,

opening up in fragrant notes.

When flowers bloom,

and singing out from amber throats,

look to the azure sky that dotes,

waiting on a quickening dose

when flowers bloom.


the rain crept in
at night –
these are stranger puddles,
the morning brume, battering
the ground with purpose
and the beginnings of a day.


the sky
as it divulges
a mood, bathed in muted temperament,
each second brings a new
as seen by
its reflection
in pools of water.


in the guise of a bond,
that which comes down
must return
and a kinship is embraced
and eminence reflected.


rain falls,
               hardly delightful –
                in a moment that creation
then washes into a gutter
                as its sound waves sizzle
on impact.
like crying,
               its tears collide with others,

browbeating the night
                 into acceptance
because it is what it needs
and not a want.

Meanwhile, strained eyes skim
a blanketed sky
seeking solace
hidden by billow
and murk,

for an orb that,
even paled or papered,
needs to be seen.

How to move through the rain

Into each life, some rain must fall – H. W. Longfellow

Use an umbrella, preferably compact
and easily stored.

Use an umbrella, preferably full-sized,
with a six foot diameter.

Cover your head:
Use the Plain-Dealer
Or the Times-Picayune
Or an old copy of the Post-Intelligencer

Don’t use the Sun-Times
The Sun-News,
Or the Standard-Examiner

Move like Gene Kelly,
and sing,
sing and tap,
and tap and sway.

in comfortable shoes.

Swing at raindrops with a Katana sword.

Be like a petal, opened
and rediscovered
in the spring.

Let the rain kiss you on your head,
as it must,
and even though a-washed in dreary
and cold, silver, liquid drops,
revel in the
-slishity slosh-

Calculate the horizontal velocity and random path
required to pass through a normalized distribution of water drops
at their terminal velocity,
and walk

Avoid the puddles.
Dash through the puddles.

Hold hands.

and watch the water
drip from your fingers.
Down to the ground
and wash away.

Soothing Refrain

Let the rain kiss you.
Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops.
Let the rain sing you a lullaby.
~Langston Hughes

I went for a walk in the rain
because I wanted to soak.

I had an umbrella, but didn’t bring it with me,
keeping instead to the tree-covered lane
in the center of the boulevard.

Large drops penetrated the canopy
to drench me, but yet still
was coddling and consoling.

Passing people with ponchos
who smiled at my foolishness.
Street vendors stared and then
covered their wares with tarps and old towels.

There was the splash as I shuffled my feet.
The penetrating damp crept through my sleeves
Far from idyllic,
just a steady rhythm
of cascading drips through rattling leaves.

The trickle of rainwater down my cheek
as I awoke at the end of the street,
gave the vague clarity
of having just been kissed.