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A response to poetry

Dear poet, I have so enjoyed your poem:

the one about the tree branches
that hang over the river -sometimes dipping into the water.

Yesterday, I read it several times slowly to myself and then once out loud –
when no one was within earshot of my voice.

I liked the sounds that it made and the confines of its place. This contributed to the imagery you’ve drawn and I felt I was moving there, then gone.  The lyrical qualities appeal to me, especially the internal rhymes that feature throughout the piece.

Upon revisiting the words the next day, the meaning
or at least what I thought) was clear.
The branch is not sufficient in its purpose to simply reflect
from the stream.

The eddies created are themselves rhythmic and gleam.

Thank you poet for allowing your words to spill and flow,
so that trees from the riverside can touch them and grow.


I’m thinking about rivers

and how they flow away
pressing the tall grass
and shearing
against the shoreline.

How they wash out the mud
and stir up silt
-channeling it all downstream.

Downhill rolling,
carrying the devices
of their own undoing,
they splay out
into the mud flats


leaving behind

that shape
and mold
the landscape,

accrued as the water slowly fades.

and somewhere,
a trickle of water
is dreaming of a torrent.

Bouncing Down

The lightened drip of single voices
droplets fall to meet the stone,

sing with resonating choices
a pebble, repeats its tenor tone
in mellow, normal phrases.

And gathering then, another sound,
cacophony of voices mold

as chords and dissonance abound,
a single roaring river’s hold
on ebb and flow in places.

In counterpoint, with rise and fall,
the song meanders as it seeks

annointed clamors ring and spall
a rush ascending to its peaks
with nothing heard in spaces.