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A Winter Song (A Cento)

In silence, they dissolve before dawn-
the words my heart was calling.
They are not in the sun,

I can hear the noiseless sound raining down.
Nothing but the white vowels of the wind,
a perfect song is loveless.
The snow is beautiful on the ground.

For still the night through will they come and go,
unerringly toward the same trysting-place,
making beauty
with iced and darkened flow
on every road I wandered by.

Music, I’ll call it music,
she must have a song at any cost
again and again out of the world’s cold deafness.

This Cento is comprised of lines from the following poets:
Mo H Saidi, Sara Teasdale, Avot Yeshurun, AE Stallings, Miguel Hernandez, Kenneth Patchen, DH Lawrence, Tony Hoagland, Thom Gunn, Philip Levine, Margaret Julia Marks, Graham Foust, Carolyn Wells, AE Houseman, Dabney Stuart

A careless triolet

A sudden silence in my wordless voice
that snared the rain and callous wind
and dripping eaves, by choice.
In sudden silence paused my wordless voice
with little notion to rejoice.
Between disdain and careless twinned
a sudden silence in my wordless voice
that snared both rain and callous wind.

I find it in the feet of bell tones

I find it in the feet of bell tones,
after sorbing the sound as struck and deep.

I see the auric crest at the tip of leaves
in the moments of late summer’s wanton eve.

I feel the arc that bows in honor
of poetry heard, and hopes that won’t cease.

I hear it in the intake of calm
from the instant of lighting, the droning that sleeps.

It caresses the silence just beyond music,
and lingers on fingertips framed in release.

It walks in the tawny remembrance of noon-tide,
and ploys in the finish of our masterpiece.

And sounding the whisper of midnight and morning,
the tolling of hours when time passes, sweeps

away the cache of conflagration
leaving morsels we should keep.

I find it in the feet of bell tones,
with sounds that amble soft and sweet.


it is not among

their repertoire – blithely sung lyrics

in their intercourse – yet undeniably

the intrusion of words

breaks a pliable barrier

that has become

contrapuntal – similar in a fashion

and built upon

the tacit crescendos.


I was thinking this morning about the power of the “unspoken”, which can be an essential part of communication between two people -as much as the words even – in some circumstances.  There can be an energy to that seemingly empty space that is unrivaled.  This poem seeks to describe that.  Thanks for visiting.

guardians of the forest

20140518_201357I am an intruder,
though the path before me
encourages that. pressed gravel
that crunches in the silence
disturbed by my stride.

further in, and I
hear the breeze
impersonate the
the moving brush,
and doves interrogate
the sound, but once still,
it cannot
be captured.

I am an interloper,
the light dims to the floor
where ancient secrets
fallen have decayed
with the years;
forgotten, though the trees in
their circumferences, remember
to punctuate the darkness
as I creep in, uninvited.