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Strolling in darkness in silent concern
with life undercutting all want and return

Walking the shoreline with feet in the waves
Abigail, Tara, and Lindsay fill staves

with sirens and offers too good to decline.
The sounds of their names, uncommon and fine.

Abigail offers a mortgage loan, low
percentage not even the word to invoke

digging in sand, finding the clams
that pull in the dingey, watery sham.

Tara sends out regards from the world
of spirits. A reading, she offers unfurled.

A fortune, as tides, beckoning your feet
to wander a little to far in the deep.

Lindsay is lonely and looking for love,
her harmony highest with you. -speaking of-

her likes are like yours, walking on beaches,
moonlight and dancing, her calling beseeches.

Yet, as the sun rises, the tide washes over
the siren-like cries of the ocean grow colder.

Abigail, Tara, and Lindsay all say:
hurry, please act on their offers today.

Some spam entries that jumped into a bucket and came out as poetry, (apologies to ee cummings)


She wanted that life, she thought,
After wading in the water up and down the beach
Her feet embedding in the moving sand.
The allure of the ocean beyond pulled her further out
To that pale white line at the edge
Of the blue-green horizon,
Until there was no place to stand,
only piled surf
And depths of a world she could not comprehend.

With remnants of foam,
The continuing washes of the waves
Moved her ashore in the sand
like a child’s tantrum from anger to tears,
Bits of seaweed in her hair,
and a breathless sobbing
that no mother can placate.