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If it weren’t for poetry

If it weren’t for poetry
I think I might sleep better
and disregard those dreams
that alliterate the night,
and ride around looking –
looking for new vistas in the dark.

If it weren’t for poetry
I could just look at
red glass bottles and ignore
what hides behind
the refracting light.

If it weren’t for poetry
I might walk on the cool
morning grass, but never
look up to see the sun.

If it weren’t for poetry
words would never project
what I dream or see.

If it weren’t for poetry
I would not awaken.

If it weren’t for poetry.


Opening a box to reveal the space inside,
just beneath the fitted lid, above the folded tissue paper
and before
it is unwrapped.

A moonless night, devoid of shadows,
where no projections cast on walls. Walls
that surround gardens of dioecious plants.
If one ceases, the other languishes.
The heart and soul of it knows.
Tree limbs clatter after the leaves disappear,
until the wind stops.

A paddling of ducks moved downwind
where the sound of me
vanished in the rippling.

It is the sound music makes
five seconds after it ends.


R.S. Wesson

Original Art – R.S. Wesson

at the beginning
there was a blank sheet,
and in the darkness
creation was held in place
before the sparks and ember glows
set their marks in the distance.

a sound arose from the corners
of the universe
and echoed
with a sun’s laugh of approval

while luminous seeds flew from a nova,
floating outward
in waves of solar mirth,
and left an imprint of light and sound
set with the hand that created it.

Genesis is an ekphrastic poem, inspired by the artwork shown above, by R. S. Wesson.