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between the nothing-dom
and something-ness
the lumens lean,
twisting axes-
a helix
in ideal darkness.

visionary – for both
a twinkle of wonder and awareness
of position-
modest in winds and poses
that once in a blue moon
align with man’s sense of mystery
on a coiling staircase.

shameless, peel back
in brazen arcs your wings-
dormant no more.

eased and alarmed
fire and calm
dark matters-
lights palm
her secrets.

words of note

An aubergine sound
and a hollow bitter wind,
that portends of a sadness, lately then,
after the reign of summer’s end
and autumnal color,
red and yellow and their kin.

When joy is moved indoors to stand
the test of winter’s blunting hand,
bound with the melodies to hum
within your heart, with flute and drum.

Seeking clear, in midnight skies, between
the snowfall, when angels fly;
and you, among the ones that seek and pray,
wishing upon the stars to stay
awake and listen to the songs you sing
with words of note for every little, living thing.

Then rest your head and fall asleep
in dark and as lovely as woods are deep,
and echos of your song on air,
warm the bitterness to fair.


I’ve seen how the wind
blows left and right
over fields expanding as a universe
pushing tall grass aside
as a giant breath.

And heard the whistle of a thrown ball
a distance of sixty feet.
Yet cannot fathom the sight
of a star hurtling through
space millions of miles
pushing the dust of
of its forebears aside.

And from my vantage point
there is no sound.
with a silence that fills
the void.  And the path of its past
trailing without a whisper.

NAPOWRIMO 2013 day 5