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This too shall pass

They are widening streets in the suburbs,
and I’m thinking of Frost’s two roads,
-the ones that diverged-
while I’m driving past orange barrels
that line the road in the construction zone,
trying to avoid hazards.
And as I wind my way
through the pillared gauntlet
that warns of rough road
and unlevel pavement,
I see that the roadside up ahead
clears and gives way
to trees that climb toward heaven.

These trees invite me to continue
on past where I can see.

I wonder how that change happens,
and it just does.


Also, just because I like the song, the video, and the idea of vast unconnected machine that ends up somewhere, Here is OK Go.

flipping records

it is when
all you hear
is a bumping sound
with a few short bursts of
that you realize
the songs have all ended.

you must flip
the record to side two
or change out the record
to hear new songs.

-it doesn’t just switch itself-

neither can you pick and choose
your music with play-list ease,
without the drop sound of the needle scratching


the music must play from beginning to end,
the way it was meant to be heard.