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Now comes the part where…

We all make lists.

I like lists because they 1) help me remember things and 2) I have a sense of accomplishment when I can mark something off the list. This is particularly true with activities and goals. I like seeing a piece of paper with lines through items.

So with the new year rapidly approaching, I thought that I would put a list here on the blog…not that I have a tremendous following that cares. It seems like a natural place to put stuff like that.

Things I want to do better in 2012
So here goes…
1. Read more books, one at a time – I am a bad parallel reader. I try to read too many things at once. It doesn’t work. Best thing ever – Books on Audio for commutes.
2. Get more exercise – Yeah I know, this is used every year and I give up the ghost every March or so. Consistent, paced activity…that’s all I’m shooting for this year. I want to be healthy, shouldn’t you?
3. Make more money – I know that sounds materialistic. Be real, we all want that, especially in this era of poorly performing stock funds. Actually, I want to be a better steward of what I have been blessed to receive. In that way, it would seem like I am making more money.
4. Have some more poetry published – I do write because I enjoy it, but everyone craves acceptance. I’ve had one item published online (see links), and I’ve been notified that a couple of other poems will be also published online during the first few months of 2012. Stay tuned for more information.
5. Come up with a 10 year plan – I’m approaching what should be the twilight years of my career and I want to have more goals in my back pocket. New interests, travel, any ideas?

What about you? You hearty few who might stumble upon or follow this blog…:)

What are your goals? How do you feel about lists?

Happy New Year to you. I wish you the best in 2012. Work hard, have fun, and be safe.



Characters written in fresh milk
on paper
– when her heart
was full of longing,

Did she divine this as a song
in a pentatonic key?

Elevating her joy to ignition by dusting
her soul with gunpowder,
then showered down from the sparks
to low crackles and hums.

Guiding the hands of one
to accompany her riff
on Summertime, she

adorned her melody
with a solid chord structure
and a bounding rhythm.

It was sincere.
It was breathtaking.
It was…

Bouncing Down

The lightened drip of single voices
droplets fall to meet the stone,

sing with resonating choices
a pebble, repeats its tenor tone
in mellow, normal phrases.

And gathering then, another sound,
cacophony of voices mold

as chords and dissonance abound,
a single roaring river’s hold
on ebb and flow in places.

In counterpoint, with rise and fall,
the song meanders as it seeks

annointed clamors ring and spall
a rush ascending to its peaks
with nothing heard in spaces.

icicle lights

I see glittering in the eyes
when she does something thoughtful

A gesture that passes between souls

or when she says a kind word,
and the light shimmers

chasing other photons down the string
passing through junctures,

and out into air
as new growth.

I see a flickering nimbus
in the darkness,

as I pause to blink,

then hope
that the reflection is undimmed
when I turn to face her smile.

Tiny Places

Some place that could harbor
the largest fugitive gorilla
away from prying, pointing fingers
or the smallest butterfly
from a praying mantis.

Like the ad libitum
pause of a musical phrase,
there beneath and behind the holly bushes
against the church wall
and sitting on dry and cool dirt

-I could hide for the evening-

fifteen feet from Main street

Just as a porch swing,
bound away and raised
to the ceiling,
sways in the subtle breeze of autumn,

a recollection,
placed among other words
is a union
to a tiny space
and how big it now seems.