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glitter gold,
and watch reflections
patter on,
as specks surround
and attach beyond.

in flashing glows
the ions of your
aureate tongues.

and flicker
until your crests
bestow a shade of flare-

and spread this frenzied
throe upon the night’s


ubiquitous features,
interconnected, yet
singular during the moment
in their purpose.

the philtrum
is the vertical groove on the
median line of
her upper lip, slightly raised
in anticipation of another’s caress.

the joint between the nasal bones at the bridge
of the nose is called the nasion.
a union of features.

the glabella is the smooth
of her forehead between the eyebrows,
gently tensed before ascent.

but, the eyes,
the green shimmer in her eyes
give her away
each and every time.


Characters written in fresh milk
on paper
– when her heart
was full of longing,

Did she divine this as a song
in a pentatonic key?

Elevating her joy to ignition by dusting
her soul with gunpowder,
then showered down from the sparks
to low crackles and hums.

Guiding the hands of one
to accompany her riff
on Summertime, she

adorned her melody
with a solid chord structure
and a bounding rhythm.

It was sincere.
It was breathtaking.
It was…

in the reign

sun and moon and stars and rain
falling, trembling in the strain
with flying photons dimly lit
upon the walls that give them wit

daily starfall pockets watch
with sinking feelings (hearts in clutch)
widely seen in greenish light
spilling solar flares to flight

drops that fall this way and that
the in-betweens – they chase and scat
crackles follow coming hues
(and shine on sunny faces too)

other orbs our hearts devise
coming ’round in changing skies
passing time in every day
keeping watch on our display

in the flight of astral miles
stories document our whiles
to reap a garden – sing a strain
sparkling always in the reign.