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Sometimes, I weep, yet cannot
see the edge’s line and filigree.

Add to this – dim appeal,
obtuse affection, not fresh not real.

Creek beds flow in pouring rain
tears evolve, invoking pain.

A polish on the floor reflects
the one light on, that one affects.

A square persona, mirrored there
in lust’rous promise, staid and clear.

Such consequence – o tainted eyes
beneath a sad and milky sky.


ubiquitous features,
interconnected, yet
singular during the moment
in their purpose.

the philtrum
is the vertical groove on the
median line of
her upper lip, slightly raised
in anticipation of another’s caress.

the joint between the nasal bones at the bridge
of the nose is called the nasion.
a union of features.

the glabella is the smooth
of her forehead between the eyebrows,
gently tensed before ascent.

but, the eyes,
the green shimmer in her eyes
give her away
each and every time.