Spring Train

This is a bit of fun I had with a list of names. All real people, all baseball players… and all with interesting sounds in their names.


Chippy Gaw, Frank Frisch

Paul Thormodsgard!

Razor Shines, Homer Smoot,
Choo Choo Coleman

Win Ballou!

Creepy Crespi, Sibby Sisti
Eli Grba, Carson Bigbee

Vida Blue!

Yogi Berra, Epa Rixey
Bomb Rivera, Barbra Chrisley

F. Tennaci, A. Szymanski
Estel Crabtree, Sig Jakucki

Showboat Fisher, Snuffy Stirnweiss
Country Slaughter, Schoendienst,

Willie Stargel, Casey Stengel
Fred Schemanske, Conrad Starkel

Red Schoendienst

Jake Stenzel
John Stedronsky
Jerry Schoon-maker

Oss-ee Schreck-en-gost

Homer Smoot

Vida Blue!

2 thoughts on “Spring Train

    1. John S Post author

      Glad there is one you like! I can’t decide between Paul Thormodsgard or Ossee Schreckengost. Thanks for dropping in!


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