What to do when there are three heels in your loaf of bread

Count your blessings for the extra slice,
         dance the jig
and share your newfound gains.

Go feed the ducks in the pond down the street
make a doubledecker grilled cheese sandwich
         for you and your beloved to eat.

Take a moment
and contemplate the loss
of the other loaf,
and sweeten its memory
         butter and sugar
         a jelly roll up
         impromptu french toast
         pan-pan deaux
and cheers for using this lost bread,
         now found, by you.

Toast it for croutons
         on your next chef’s salad.

Tear and grind it up,
seasoned with salt and rosemary
and spread over chicken
         or pork loin for oven bake.

Savor the moment and
this bookend bounty
that allows you to go just beyond
         the edge of shadows.

4 thoughts on “What to do when there are three heels in your loaf of bread

  1. Angela

    The cook in me appreciates this sage advice…..and to think I tend to throw these away. Shows my utter lack of creativity, patience, and gratitude.

    1. John S Post author

      That’s a bit harsh on yourself While I’ve been known to make french toast with the heel, I typically toss them out as well. This poem just seeks to remind us that little unexpected things bring joy. The way we share it can bring joy to other people. (and I like your use of sage…though I don’t consider myself *wise*). Thanks again for visiting and for the comment.

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