Of sounds, there seems a widow’s cruse
to knock around, to interfuse.
This rhyming dervish -so accused-
from Albany to Syracuse
or Monterey to Santa Cruz
across the water -if you choose-
but not so far as Betelgeuse.
I do not wish to disabuse
you of your preference -p’s and q’s-
but only that I’m circumfused
with words whose sounds are overused.

a list of words presented themselves…and I just couldn’t stop.

2 thoughts on “Azimuth

  1. J.M. Blackman

    I’m glad you didn’t stop. Clearly, you’ve got a way with words, but the cadence of your poetry…every piece I’ve read so far…is truly a delight to read.

    “Dervish” is one of my most favorite words. Lovely work.


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