Belong to me

Cling to dawning’s drape, as hails the sun’s
revealing rays, a slow ascent, night is undone.

Wringing in, as rainfall on September flowers
belongs the day, as soaking unseen bowers-

hallowed, hidden dens from branching gables,
place of passion’s secrets –Jana’s cradle.

Then, in reflecting off one lover’s eyes,
light that signal darkness’s demise

screams the sounds, if they were voiced and free,
subsume this moment – come, belong to me.

2 thoughts on “Belong to me

  1. irisoniris

    Measured, precise and yet the lyricism is mad skillful too. There was a cool, soulful force, just on the boundary of gentleness and strength. The sense of ‘heart’ in the end tied everything perfectly.


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