brief snippets

…just because I feel like writing a post, and I don’t really have any poetry ready, this is what you get.

Milestone: This week, I reached 1000 followers on the blog. I am thrilled that this many people and/or bots have decided to link and check an update every now and then. For you semi regular readers: person in India who likes my poem “Respite,” friends of “Earful of Cider“, and those that search for sonnets and happen upon mine…..Thank you.

I hope you will continue to visit, comment occasionally, and enjoy my poetry.


Adjacent tunes on an mp3 player: Shuffle mode can bring some interesting songs together, particularly if you have eclectic tastes. This week I listened to
A Mighty Fortress is our God , performed by GLAD (a Christian acappella group – not the antidefamation alliance group – which has 2 A’s) – and Happiness is a Warm Gun, by the Beatles. Definitely an odd pairing, but the musical transition was remarkable.

Still Reading: A few weeks ago, I commented that I had started The Monuments Men, in anticipation of the movie release. As typical for me, I have slowed down the reading…and the book remains rather dry, but apparently the movie reviews are saying similar things about the film.

This week, I submitted an essay to an essay contest. It was a personal challenge to see if I could put something coherent together in a short period (a week) that wasn’t in iambic pentameter or filled with rhymes and near rhymes. We’ll see how that goes. Announcement of finalists aren’t made until May. Until that time…

Thanks again for getting me over the 1000 hump. Hopefully 2000 won’t take 3 years.

3 thoughts on “brief snippets

  1. Sarah W

    Congratulations, John! That’s wonderful—you and your poems deserve all the followers.

    Good luck with your essay—or should I say “break a pencil?” 😉

    (How can a movie with Bill Murray in it be dry?)

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