Daily Archives: November 29, 2015

Random Walk

In a field of flowers, blue
she wanders free and rapt,

taking in the fragrant hues-
a path she had not mapped.

Gentle hands reach out to blooms
caressing each in passing

and her random walk resumes
in heaven, without asking.

In the same field, ambles he
who takes a different way-

Spying first the large oak tree
that lingers by the quay,

Stolid-fixed- he moves toward
a vast expanse that speaks-

an oceanside of blue has lured
him to the edge he seeks.

Each, their own entrancement made
as journeys intersect-

She, from wand’ring wood to glade
and he, from larger treks.

Both gone seeking greater things
away from their familiar,

Habitating different strings
yet seeking bonds that whisper.

And there on cliff-side, past the glen
two lovers stood, amore and yen-
led there in divergent ways
and destiny to laud and praise.