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It’s a new year -let’s summarize the old one

2015 was a strange and pivotal year.

Early this year, I was unemployed, job searching, writing, baking, painting, and cooking. I worked on a chapter book of poems that I self-published on Amazon (Accidental Songs). It was a challenge, and I’ve still got a lot to learn. I hope to do another one soon.

In the spring, I became employed!  So I wrote less, baked and cooked less, had nothing to paint (all rooms were done). I planted tomatoes and a single pepper plant.  All did remarkably well!  Lots of pasta sauce and salsa during the summer!

I still managed to finish NaPoWriMo, then probably averaged about a post a week on my blog.  In retrospect, I delved a lot more into rhyme and meter this year than in the past.  I gained some new followers, some real, some not … ;).  Thanks to all who discovered and followed my blog in 2015.

In the summer, my eldest son got married!  Beautiful wedding. Wonderful time.  Great daughter-in-law!  Then they moved all the way across the country… 😦

Then the rest of the year just flew by…

Things I would like to do as a writer(and not a writer) in 2016:

  1. Personally meet more blogging acquaintances.  Something difficult to manage, given the global nature of the medium.  But, we are human, and humans need social interaction.  I’ve never personally met a single blogging-“friend”…
  2. Submit more poems for print publication – I’ve tried this, and was sorely disappointed.  But, I believe this is a valid goal for any writer. So I keep trying.
  3. Do another chapter book.  I enjoyed the process.  In the future, I would like to try a collaboration with another writer or illustrator.  How has this worked out for anybody?
  4. Attend/participate in a writing workshop.  I did this in 2014, and really enjoyed it, but missed the one that was local this year – it wasn’t as well advertised – and I didn’t see the notice until too late.  Anyone have any good/bad experiences with this they would like to share?
  5. See more baseball stadiums (I didn’t get to a single new park this year).
  6. Walk more, eat less, control my blood sugar better, be more attuned to people – be a better human being.

And that concludes 2015.  I wish you all a safe and happy New Year.




There is little left
of thread that ties and undulates
through fabric’d whys.
The whats have gone the wayside now
with time – the when –
don’t ask me how.

This never was infinite string
-ain’t what it used to be,
this thing that stitched my words
in canvas, starched and mended-
just as December ended.

So, with anew, fresh double cloth
the patterns swirl
without the gloss and keep me warm
in thoughts subdued
of music,
sweet – the words are true.

A Carol at Christmastime

As with the angels that caroled
His arrival in stable, bare.
Praises, Alleluia, Hallelujah!
A King is there.

And with the shepherds,
Who worshipped with humble hearts,
Praises, Alleluia, Hallelujah!
The Savior has come. To start

God’s kingdom on earth,
A baby, a birth
Of Hope and Salvation
Of Love, Joy and Mirth.

As with the Wise Men
That wandered in wonder of stars,
Praises, Alleluia, Hallelujah!
We’ll find where we are.

At Christmas, our Hopes revive!
Yuletide, our Joy is alive!
Open your hearts and sing
Tell every living thing-

Praises, Alleluia, Hallelujah
The birth of a King!

While this is unabashedly joyful (with many exclamation points), Christmas is a joyful time. I can just imagine this being sung with brass and tympani.

My hopes for you (if you do or do not celebrate Christmas)is a happy, blessed day.

A very Merry Christmas!

a murmur

I want to see matters before
the sun rises, in a way
like mad hatters -yet still analyzes.

I want to walk slowly in
view of the mountains,
with flocks of black starlings
murmuring – counting.

I need to retrace you with
scripts of profession, the
kind that embraces, encourages –

And here in my twisting, revolving
release- enlisting your
breathless entreaties – I cease.


Bare trees anticipate
holding snow – amassed
in silent devotion
to the aesthetic

adorning the view
once green – now
lifeless and worn-

white poinsettias look best
when surrounded by red,

reflections from polished silver
are most notable
in darkness.

dropped ornaments
that shatter live on
as recollected ones,

objects to decorate
our mind’s branches.


between the nothing-dom
and something-ness
the lumens lean,
twisting axes-
a helix
in ideal darkness.

visionary – for both
a twinkle of wonder and awareness
of position-
modest in winds and poses
that once in a blue moon
align with man’s sense of mystery
on a coiling staircase.

shameless, peel back
in brazen arcs your wings-
dormant no more.

eased and alarmed
fire and calm
dark matters-
lights palm
her secrets.


glitter gold,
and watch reflections
patter on,
as specks surround
and attach beyond.

in flashing glows
the ions of your
aureate tongues.

and flicker
until your crests
bestow a shade of flare-

and spread this frenzied
throe upon the night’s


shine so bright,
open up your heart
and write

your songs. They carry on
in spite
of rumbles, chatter,
hate and fright.

all the world
in cheer
with ringing tones
-crystal clear-

a clarion for all
to hear-

a star
a beacon


A silver weave of bangles
that you placed on your wrist

held a star, a snowflake
and proof of your fire-kissed

soul. I could only speak words
that lingered on my tongue

and could not see them
clasped to silver- hung-

and fighting the flames
of your restless heart.

Pressed upon my mind,
Such are the things that fuel and start

the creation of gemstones.


whereabouts, then do you see
your comfort, lazing –
hushed, set free.

Among the forest wood so tall?
you’d have to climb to view it “all”

And next to this an open glade
with grass and shrubs and little shade-
surrounded by a green brocade.

I’d seek the quietness in space
with wild oats, primrose, queen anne’s lace-

So lay with me in flower blooms
in this, an isolated room
away from plain, removed from fear

staring at the sky, austere
at its inception-

this poem for affection.