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I heard a lecture
about Rembrandt,
and how he avoided
doing portrait commissions for
so long,
perhaps of the opinion
that he did not need to do them.
-and I learned he spent long hours
working on etchings-
something he enjoyed
more than painting portraits
even with long hours and excrutiating
I’ve rewritten this poem
nine times since that lecture.

NaPoWriMo 2013 Day 27

A discrepancy in the portrait of the poet

I am struck by her smile, in a fashion of
a Rubens painting, with no bared teeth,
her contentedness demonstrated
with the upturned corners of her lips
and the slight pursing of the philtrum.

Her blue eyes, with the intent
of charm, gaze to a lens
focused only on her moment.

Yet, the little wisp of her auburn hair
that she holds aside,
with a barette
– unseen.