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Behind the poet

In the picture
there is an oval mirror,
framed in braided mahogany
and it gives a reflection
of a glass door
-openness to the room-
implying she likes big spaces.

Beneath the mirror sits
a stack of books, fore-edge only showing
-no spines-
so we don’t know the titles
but I’m certain it contains an
old copy of Leaves of Grass
and Through the Looking Glass.

Next to the stack of books
is a dinosaur figurine,
a tyrannosaurus slightly outstretched,
it’s tiny arms not quite reaching…
and in the right corner is the front half
of a small silver toy car,
a flashy memento
just coming into the picture.

If only the dinosaur
can reach the stack of books in time,
he will be safe.

I wonder what kind of day it was outside,
when this picture was made.

NaPoWriMo 2013 Day 15

A discrepancy in the portrait of the poet

I am struck by her smile, in a fashion of
a Rubens painting, with no bared teeth,
her contentedness demonstrated
with the upturned corners of her lips
and the slight pursing of the philtrum.

Her blue eyes, with the intent
of charm, gaze to a lens
focused only on her moment.

Yet, the little wisp of her auburn hair
that she holds aside,
with a barette
– unseen.